MSI CSR Report Survey

It’s our honor that you are interested in MSI CSR Report and we hope you enjoy reading progress. We would be appreciate if you could take a few minutes to show us your precious suggestions, the survey result will be very important to MSI and then as improvements in the future. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

* Your relationship with MSI Customer
Family of employees

You’re most interested in these issues in MSI CSR Report, please select five issues at least:

Economic Performance Risk Management System Certification Anti-corruption Anti-competitive Behavior
GHG Emissions Energy Water Effluents and Waste Environmental Expenditure
Compliance with laws and regulations Environmental Grievance Mechanisms Labor Practices Grievance Mechanisms Grievance Mechanisms for Impacts on Society Contractor Management
Occupational Health and Safety Employee Training and Education Employment Employee Human Rights Employee Benefits
Products and Services Product Eco labels Customer Privacy Customer Health and Safety Public Welfare
The new, improvable issues and contents that need to be added on MSI CSR Report in the future
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